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In the depths of history lies a tale of heroism. The struggles of human and Fey against evil during the two Ages of Oppression is this story, written with the blood of the fallen. Old Europe burned in rebellion, as dark technologie was confronted. Join this war against the Machyne. The living fuel, the factories of fairy dust, it is an evil we must destroy.

A portal to the Second Age of Oppression will go live on the internet. Presented as a table-top role-playing game, this tome will be your guide to adventure. Many Fey died to bring you this door to the past. Whether you are rebel or pirate, scholar, rogue or noble, this game will bring you closer to the past nearly forgotten in the modern era.

Welcome to Machyna.

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Zen Engine Preview

Attribute Tree
The Machyna RPG uses the Zen Engine. Below is the Zen Engine attribute tree. Spirit at the top of the tree is the life force of a character. This number is divided into Heart and Strength. Heart is divided into Intelligence and Charisma whereas Strength is divided into Body and Agility. The four bottom attributes each add to related skills in a 1d6 Action Test to determine success or failure of the Action Test.

Hot Effects
In the event of a solid success in an Action Test there is an ability of the player to narrate a small part of the ongoing story. Not just a "critical hit" a Hot Effect can involve friends or foes, places close or far, in a spoken bit of script of what is passing in the game-story.

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Talents: Machyna Roles

Following are the four basic character Talents of Machyna which can be combined after experience is gained by the character.

The Rogue Talent is for the sly and quick. A thief and charlatan, a Rogue is handy for dispatching a problem in a shady manner. Pays to have one of these folk around.

The Speaking Talent is the role of a courtesan. A teller of tales and knowledgeable of the Court a Speaker can raise money, gather gossip, and woo followers.

The Warfare Talent is the role of a soldier who can handle difficult situations with the fire of powder. When talk or ruse cannot defeat an enemy why not try hot steel.

The Technologiste is an inventor, repairer, and scholar. The Technologiste Talent can also be a curse as they know the Blackness of Dark Powder and Machyna.

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Game World

Players who enter the realm of our past will find themselves in a struggle for the future of hope itself. Machynae rule from the pit beneath New Ortho. Machynae encroach the land as living towers in Normandae. Machynae walk the deserts of Arabia as a bloodthirsty mechanical giant. Explore the world by airship, horse, black-train, or boat but be careful as the Hrow, the dracon servants of Machynae may dine on the slow.

You will have to choose whether to collaborate with Evil or fight for the goodness in all. Dark Powder is the root of the Evil and is fuel for the world for the world has become a pixie dust factory. The Fey know this too well.

Barlow, also known as Shakespeare in some venues, is your guide to New Ortho. He with the rebel princess Elizabeth fights an almost unwinnable struggle against the Evil which grips the World. Shakespeare is rumored to have written the original texts from which the Machyna RPG is translated.

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Machyna will be published as a website rulebook at in late January or early February. Machyna is published by Black Powder Games and is written by Katerine H. and Del E. Art direction and all illustrations are by Bradley Bleeker.

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