PISTOLFIST press release

"Pistolfist" leaves Alias Comics with new plans

PISTOLFIST - the saga of a heroic, runaway slave in the American Revolution - has been well-received and is continuing to receive attention and press outside the traditional comic market. The book has even found favor with Diamond Distribution who made one issue of PISTOLFIST a "Spotlight" book, another a "Staff Pick" and dubbed another "Certified Cool" - a rating they reserve only for a handful of the "best and brightest" books.

'Unfortunately, Alias Comics (publisher of the PISTOLFIST limited-series) has found it necessary to implement their previously announced publishing changes sooner than they anticipated,' said PISTOLFIST creator J.S. Earls. 'This leaves our revolutionary limited series without a publishing home.'

'However, PISTOLFIST isn't history. Not by a long-shot,' promised Earls. 'I am now in discussions with dozens of interested publishers and I ask that the people who have been eagerly awaiting the next issue - all those who've been e-mailing us asking "where the heck is it" - please be patient. We need to find the right publisher and I have every confidence this will happen soon.'

After the mini-series ends, Earls may even publish an ongoing series featuring an armada of artists and some very talented writers like Ben Avery (LULLABY and OZ/WONDERLAND CHRONICLES), Ed Lavallee (REVERE), Dwight L. MacPherson (DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES and ABRA CADAVER), Chris Lynch (HAMMER OF TIME) and several others who have expressed an interest in PISTOLFIST.

'I just signed a PISTOLFIST action-figure deal, I'm currently in discussions for a possible video game and I've begun co-writing a Motion Picture script with a professional screenplay writer,' said Earls. 'Obviously, other people have recognized the incredible potential for PISTOLFIST and are committed to the future. That's very encouraging.'

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